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  1. The check-in time in the houses begins at 16:00 (4 p.m.) on the arrival day and the check-out time is 10:00 (10 a.m.) on the departure day.
  2. The settlement of the payment shall take place in cash on the arrival day.
  3. The check-in and the check-out take place in the presence of the landlord.
  4. Within the grounds of the houses smoking is unconditionally prohibited. If on the departure day it is revealed that the ban on smoking has been violated, the guests shall pay the penalty of PLN 300,00.
  5. Using open fire in the houses (e.g. candles, kerosene lamps, gas lamps, the guests’ own electric and gas cookers) is strictly prohibited.
  6. When using the barbecue located within the grounds of the house, please, maintain the particular caution due to the fact that the houses are made of wood. You should not leave the barbecue unattended. For the barbecue we only use charcoal! The barbecue in the house is provided from spring to autumn.
  7. In view of the need to maintain cleanness in all the houses and to protect the wooden floors, please, use indoor shoes within the houses.
  8. The landlord is obligated to provide the guests with bed linen and towels. If the towels or the bed linen have been used by the guests for wiping their shoes, cleaning the floor etc., then on the departure day the guests shall pay the costs of purchasing new towels and bed linen.
  9. Rubbish and other waste should be placed in the containers located outside the houses.
  10. The night-time quiet hours last from 22:00 (10 p.m.) till 06:00 (06:00 a.m.).
  11. If on the departure day it is established that any damages to the equipment or losses have occurred during the guest’s sojourn in the house, the landlord and the guest shall draft a relevant protocol of that fact. In the case of the guest’s refusal to sign the said protocol it is assumed that the protocol signed by the landlord has the strength of the protocol signed by the landlord and the guest.
  12. The guests shall bear the patrimonial responsibility for any damages, even not intentional ones.
  13. The person responsible for all the guest’s personal belongings stored in the house shall be the guest.
  14. In the case of a serious breach of the provisions of these Regulations, the landlord has the right to unilaterally shorten the sojourn of the guest and to require the guest to leave the “Chałupki pod Giewontem” complex immediately.
  15. In the case of the shortening of the sojourn, the payment for the sojourn shall not be reimbursed.
  16. The parking space indicated by the owner may not be substituted with another parking space by the guest. The main parking area is located at a distance of 20 m from the houses.
  17. The guest should notify the personnel about the visitors not registered in the complex in order to receive the number of the parking space.
  18. The persons who are not registered in the house are allowed to stay in the house from 7:00 (7:00 a.m.) till 22:00 (10 p.m.).
  19. The presence in the house of the guest’s visitors who are not registered in the house after 22:00 (10:00 p.m.) shall mean that the guest agrees to pay for the accommodation of those persons. The payment for each unregistered person shall be accrued according to the price of the additional bed provided in the price list. For the persons about whose presence the landlord has not been notified by the guest the payment shall constitute the double price according to the price list.

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